For autism, down's syndrome, ADHD, global delay, brain injury, visual impairment, hearing loss, multiple physical disabilities

Early years teacher Bonnie uses bubbles to gently encourage children of all ages to focus and participate, to watch, take turnsmake eye contact, request more...and have fun!

Our bubbles are informal and interactive so the children can all join in making big rainbow bubbles with us, playing with bouncy bubbles, and blowing bubbles inside bubbles. We encourage everyone to come and stand inside beautiful giant bubbles, if they want to. They do love this! Giant bubbles will come down over a wheelchair user so nobody is left out.

We also use dry ice to make 'smoke' bubbles and some children will enjoy feeling the ‘smoke’ and holding ‘smoke’ bubbles. We give each child plenty of time to choose to come and be put inside a giant bubble and to play with "smoke" bubbles.

Bonnie the Bubble Lady has been creating bubbles for many years with children and young people with all kinds of special needs (and for children without special needs too) at birthday parties, in schools, special schools, nurseries and hospitals.

"Thanks so much for your wonderful and excellent party entertainment. My autistic 6 year old and all her friends and parents had a blast considering it's her first birthday party ever. It's still being talked about in her school. Dan, the pictures are to die for. My daughters call them the bomb. We will surely be seeing you again if she ever asks for a party. Thanks ever so much." Ediri, NW London

A giant bubble 
will come down 
a wheelchair

We will make a 
bubble volcano

In hospital
bubbles are fun

"Thank you also for being so understanding to our little boy's anxiety issues around speaking. I was delighted to see him participate throughout the show and as you could see he really enjoyed it. He told me after the party what a great time he had and how much he loved the bubble show.
Thank you again for making his day even more special." Alison & Dave, New Malden

Touching a giant bubble makes it pop...

"Just wanted to say thank you very much for coming to our daughter's party yesterday, it was an amazing experience that both her little friends (and the grown ups!) thoroughly enjoyed. Your show was everything we wanted it to be for her and her friends, thanks again."  
Jackie and Chris, Kent